Calvary Baptist Church in Norwalk
Calvary Baptist Church in Norwalk


We believe in the verbal plenary inspiration of Scripture.

Simply stated we believe that the Bible is God’s very words and His revelation to man to tell us how we are to live and how to go to heaven. The Bible writers were inspired to write exactly what God wanted them to write and it’s words are authoritative and truth without error.

We believe in the trinity.

God exists in 3 persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three persons are co-equal, and co-eternal existing in one divine essence.

We believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Son of God sent to save the world. He existed in eternity past and became a man to live and die on the cross of Calvary for the sins of the world. He is God who became a man to identify with us and our needs and to provide salvation from sin and hell. He was born of a virgin and sinless. He rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven and is now our intercessor before the Father.

We believe in the church.

The church is comprised of two parts: 1) the universal church and, 2) the local church. Every soul who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior is baptized by the Holy Spirit into the universal body of Christ. The local church is a body of believers who meet in a community, hold each other accountable to the Christian faith and fellowship together.

We believe in the Return of Jesus Christ.

The Bible clearly states that Jesus rose from the dead and the day of His return is yet to come. He may come today, tomorrow, this year but He is coming and the church is to look for his coming.